Like A Box Of Chocolates

The first time I heard Forrest Gump say that I didnt quite understand him. As I have grown older it has come to make more sense to me.

In my profession and as a father and husband, I find myself involved in relationships with others in many different ways.

I have to create them with my family, staff, and players. As well as any business partnerships I have. I also have to help my players build them with each other.

Day by day and season by season, I find the process more interesting. Relationships can be the glue that helps one circle thrive. While it can be the same thing that destroys another.

The biggest step in allowing them be helpful is to understand that all are different and they are like a box of chocolates. But just like that real, not metaphorical, box the variety and surprise of it can be the most enjoyable part.

Some people are picky when it comes to theĀ  real chocolates and only eat certain ones….they dont enjoy the whole box.

These are the same people that dont enjoy every relationship they are involved in as well. They go through life only forging the “good tasting” relationships. They never stretch themselves.

One of the main components of happiness in life is relationships. So it’s critical we are always cultivating and help them mature.

In the long run this matures us as well and allows more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

If you were to take one thing from this post, it would be to live fully and open with your relationships…..because there is nothing like a whole box of chocolates.

About Coach Springer

Coach Springer is a leader and a trainer. He leads multiple movements that utilize different vehicles to build leaders. Through Spartan Basketball in San Antonio he builds basketball players from youth to pro. Coach Springer also trains in leadership and helps entrepreneurs build their businesses through the internet.